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Our firm offers a wide range of professional services, from the study to the complete realization of the works. According to the needs of each client, we adapt and define together the required services. Here is a list of the main services:



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The study is a preliminary stage of a project. It is used to determine the feasibility of a project in terms of its location, size, budget and physical and regulatory constraints. It often takes the form of a report and is accompanied by schematic plans.


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Plans are the graphic representation of ideas. They are schematic at the beginning and the more the project advances, the more they are detailed. Construction plans are very accurate and include notes, details and technical specifications of materials and systems.

3D modeling

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Modeling is the representation of the project in a 3-dimensional software in order to obtain an internal and external virtual model of the construction. The exploration of various materials and volumetry and the visualization of the project from all angles is the advantage of this tool. The model can be used to produce high quality photorealistic images.

Codes and regulations

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The study of building codes and regulations in force is part of the work for any project, whether at the stage of study or in the final plans. The architect is responsible for compliance with the regulations and its integration into the project.


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As the architect is the lead coordinator of a project, he or she centralizes information from all stakeholders, be they engineers, surveyors, environmental specialists or interior designers, to ensure that all elements are taken into account and that there are no surprises during construction.

Application for permit

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The architect can take care of the permit application including the follow-up with the planning department of the municipality. In some cases where the project is located in a sector governed by a PIIA (Plan d'implantation et d'intégration architecturale), the architect will prepare a file for presentation to the CCU (Planning Advisory Committee). Also, the project can sometimes require a request for derogation which the architect is able to present to the authorities.

Construction supervisation

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Site monitoring is an essential step in ensuring compliance with plans, codes and concepts. Regular visits to the site accompanied by written reports are made according to an agreement with the client. The architect who follows his site collaborates with the contractor for modifications and defends the interests of the client as the concepts developed.

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