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Nun's Island

Snow white'' bathroom


Project: Renovation

Location: Nun's Island, Qc

Project area : 110 sq.ft.

Year : 2016

This renovation project touched the master bathroom of a residence on Nun's Island in Montreal. The original piece was completely demolished to make room for a room dominated by white and bathed in natural light. An opening in the ceiling even allowed the integration of a skylight overlooking the central atrium of the residence. This new opening provides a breakthrough to the roof skylight and changes the perception of the ceiling by giving it a new, unconventional geometry.

The dominant aspect of the project, both in terms of materials and in the treatment of lighting, is white, but when we enter the room and close the door, we discover a touch of color unexpectedly, blue. This element of surprise creates a strong dynamic in the room and a playful touch in an almost sanitized environment.

The ceramic tiles used offer a three-dimensional texture on which the light amplifies the relief. The back wall is covered with a bright white ultra-clear glass plate, which reflects all the lines of the room and increases the feeling of greatness of the room. Also, the backlit wall mirror occupies the entire length of the wall and adds on the effects of reflection.

The attention to detail, combined with the choice of materials and sources of lighting, makes it a modern bathroom, elegant and soothing.

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