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Nun's Island

"Pop" Bathroom


Project : renovation

Location : Nun's Island, Qc

Project area : 52 sq.ft.

Year : 2016


This renovation project involved the children's bathroom of a residence on Nun's Island in Montreal. The original piece was completely demolished to make room for a slightly modified new layout following the reconfiguration of a wardrobe. The project was inspired by clients who wanted a fun but timeless bathroom for their two children.

The choice of pelletized stainless steel mosaic inspired the style of the room, as well as the shape of the suspended luminaire and the mirror. Also, the vanity prefabricated by the company Alessi turned out to be a decisive choice in the design since the organic shape of the sink counter perfectly adapted to the constraints of the room. It becomes the star of the room and the wood of the furniture provides warmth and richness, and contrasts well with the metal pellets on the wall. The rest remains simple, dominated by white tiles and glass panels.

Finally, we added a touch of color to the back of the door to create a surprise effect when entering the bathroom.

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