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Mid-Century bathroom


Project: Renovation

Location : Saint-Laurent, Qc

Project area : 95 sq.ft.

Year : 2016


This renovation project only involved a small bathroom in a 1950s house. The challenge was to turn the only family bathroom into a more spacious, modern space that would accommodate at least two people at a time, and would fit into the style of the existing house. The Mid-Century character (1950) guided the design and choice of finishes.


The original room was small so we proposed to enlarge it slightly by taking a few feet in the next room. This small extension allowed to arrange a large shower and a bath in the same space that we combined for more efficiency. This unconventional arrangement works very well and allows to have in a small bathroom, the two options: shower and bath.

The result is sober, elegant and timeless. The palette of neutral materials gives way to multiple color choices for accents, such as colorful napkins, accessories, and more. In addition, the storage has been optimized thanks to a large vanity made to measure and the addition of three white wall cabinets (Ikea) discreetly installed along the wall opposite the vanity. Also, the mirrors conceal small pharmacy cabinets that provide a lot of storage (Ikea too!).


A small project that required a lot of reflection and attention to detail (hooks, magazine space concealed with toilet paper, product shelves, alignment of all faucets, harmony of shapes, textures, etc.),. The time spent designing was a good investment since the result is not only very functional but highly aesthetic. A bathroom all in freshness and brightness!

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