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Ouareau Lake Residence



Project: Extension

Location: Saint-Donat, Qc

Site area: 

Project area: 

Year: 2019-2020


The existing residence is a "Swiss" chalet whose interior is obsolete. The new owners want to update it and expand it to better meet their needs, the project is to demolish a part of the building, and rebuild in larger, with 10 'ceilings, lots of windows, and create a vast suite of masters to enjoy the surrounding landscape.

While maintaining the integrity of the central volume, the design of the new lateral volume is centered in the center by a set of roofs, and the contemporary addition of the entrance on the main facade gives dynamism to the existing facade too linear. The lake side facade unfolds and advances with a bold angle, and opens on three sides, allowing a maximum of link with the outside. To stay true to the budget, the main wood-clad material will be retained, and the new facade materials have been worked out to blend naturally together, and give a modern look.

The interiors of the residence will be refined, spacious and transparent to maximize the links between the exterior and living spaces.

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