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Archambault Lake Residence


Project : new construction

Location : Saint-Donat, Qc

Land area : 43 050 sq.ft.

Project area : 3 700 sq.ft.



The main challenge of this project was the character of the terrain. In fact, nearly 50% of the surface was classified wetland and many margins limited the area of ​​implantation. This limited the residence to be placed far from the shore, in a wooded area. Despite these constraints, the nature of the site served as inspiration for the concept: the fragility of wildlife has initiated a need to create a home respectful of it, disrupting it as little as possible. The concept developed was to create several terraces on which the house would come to rest. The terraces, all dressed in wood, circumvent the whole perimeter and become sometimes floors, ceilings, benches or sidewalks. They also allow to reach the beach without damaging the fragile soil.


The interior is characterized by living spaces in an open area taking full advantage of the surrounding nature. Using the terraces, residents can roam freely around the house and the large openings visually extend the interior spaces to the outside. At the heart, a generous breakthrough to the floor invites to conttempler the sky and connects the spaces between them, promoting a synergy between the members of the family.

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