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Castor Lake Residence



Project: Extension

Location: Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, Qc

Land area : 30 590 sq.ft.

Project area: Agrandissement de 1 925 sq.ft.

Year : 2015


The Lac Castor project in Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci, in Lanaudière, was initiated in 2014 on behalf of a couple who wanted to settle there for their retirement. The grounds included a dilapidated cottage to be demolished as well as a recently built garage that needed to be incorporated into the new residence. The gently sloping terrain towards the lake offered beautiful open views to the south and west and a creek on the east side.


For the sake of integration, the volumetry of the house was developed in the respect of the style of the garage whose architecture was more traditional. The colors have been redesigned and we have added a small transition volume including the input to connect the old to the new. This volume, with a flat roof and covered with red steel panels, signals the desire to assert the unique personality of the house. Inside, large open-plan rooms, an express wooden structure, a double-height living room and a wooden-covered cathedral ceiling characterize the project.

Testimonial of the client:

"What a great idea we had to choose an architect instead of a designer." The professionalism of Ms. Ghoche meant that we had a unique plan of what we wanted and in every detail. 'is embodied in a beautiful original project. "

- Mrs. Lynne Michiels

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