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Beaubien Residence



Project: Extension on 2nd floor

Location : Pierrefonds

Project area: 430 sq.ft.

Year: 2019


The 2-storey residence of the guests was getting small for their growing needs. The mandate was to add a floor above the existing garage, and thus enlarge the children's rooms, and add a living room on the 2nd floor.


The simple and efficient plan allowed the guest to add a bathroom between shared 2 rooms for children, and gained common space and brightness.

The integration of the enlargement is done in a subtle way; all the materials and the new windows fit perfectly with the existing one, so as not to distort the facade. The interior spaces allowed the addition of more contemporary touches.

The construction was coordinated upstream in order to take place strategically during the school holidays, and disturb as little as possible the activities of the family. The client's collaboration allowed for simple and effective coordination. Mission accomplished!

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