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Residence Les Pointes

New Build 


Project: New construction

Location: Saint-Donat, Qc

Project area : sq.ft.

Budget : 800K

Year : 2019


The existing residence no longer meeting the current and future needs of the clients, they wanted to maximize the potential of their land, and increase the living space of their residence. To do so, they wanted to build a new residence to meet their needs and a design of the most daring.


One of the challenges of the project was to locate all living and sleeping areas on one level with the main access. The ground being lined with vegetation that we wished to preserve as much as possible, it was necessary to develop a volume which was integrated with the wire of the ground and the slope.


In addition, customers wanted to have a unique home with a roof set. Many sketches have led to a unique and contemporary result. The combination of gray and wood materiality will allow the residence to merge with the snowy landscape in winter, while naturally joining the summer landscape marked by the presence of mature birch trees throughout the grounds.


The fenestration design is the result of a meticulous work of fusion between the exterior look and the carefully studied interior design. All openings on the lake side have been optimized to have breathtaking views of the water.

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