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Rivière-Beaudette residence

New construction


Project: New construction

Location: Rivière-Beaudette, Qc

Land area: 76 000 sq.ft.

Project area: 4500 sq.ft on 2 floors

Year: 2019


The Rivière-Beaudette residence is located on the shore of Lake St-Francois, on a long lot of mature trees. The first desire of the clients was to maintain a privacy facing the street, but to encourage openness and large windows to optimize the views of Lake St-Francois. The design of the front façade thus reveals a recessed entrance and more discreet openings, while the rear facade makes the most of the views towards the water.

The design has also developed around a central axis of circulation that separates the functions on the 2nd floor. The master suite is in a volume of its own with a raw materiality, as well as an effect of floating and opening towards the horizon thanks to its cathedral roof. The living room and the dining room are double height for an effect of size.

The exterior cladding materials are metal (black and wood effect) and fiber cement. The play of materials makes it possible to accentuate the superposition and the sliding of the volumes on the others.

The interior design is developing; a mix of wood, concrete and other raw materials will be used for a contemporary and sophisticated look.

Construction began in the spring of 2019, and is expected to be completed in the fall of 2019.

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