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Asset maintenance and renovations


Various projects:

  • Relocation of the Department of Art History (2017)

  • Upgrade to Universal Accessibility Standards (2018)

  • New self-production premises (2018)

  • Redevelopment and Revitalization of the Orange District (2019)

Various projects have been carried out for 3 years with UQÀM. The works vary and are of different sizes, whether it is occasional interventions of upgrades, or complete reorganizations of sectors of activities.

The self-production project involved the design of "green" rooms for recording and self-production. The design of such rooms required a search for materials and ongoing collaboration with various stakeholders and suppliers, to ensure optimal results in the field.

The Orange Ward project involved redeveloping a meeting space for students with a limited time frame and budget. The use of plywood and contrasting neutral tones was the driving idea of ​​the project, to restore warmth and timelessness to this obsolete space. The installation of mirrors makes it possible to enlarge this space by the vis-à-vis with the openings and the long direction of the room.

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